The Honest Talks in Aktion

Die aktuellen Videoressourcen sind auf Englisch. Mehr deutscher Inhalt folgt bald.

An important topic to start the year! Join Founder of The Female Lead Edwina Dunn & myself to find out how to reduce stress: from a quick fix to long term success.

Join us in this live recording on how to find strength in yourself, with best-selling author, psychologist & 2x TEDx speaker Dr. Joan Rosenberg and myself, hosted by Malt Academy.

Join us in the first edition of "The Honest Talks" on mental health. With D&I advocates Kay Fabella, Vessy Tasheva and Mental Health Tech Founder Luciana Carlvalho Se.

Join me in this live recording on how to grow mental health in the workplace, from my unique perspective as a former Human Resources Manager & personally affected by mental health issues in the past.

A Toolkit for Mental Health

This is a toolkit which I developed and which I hope will be useful to you. Feel free to share this with anyone who could use it - please credit me for this, I put a lot of love into it and provide it for free <3

Please also note

  • This is not medical advice and I do not accept any liabilty.

  • Seek the help you need from a mental health professional!