My name is Miriam Robin!

As someone who is living a life I only dreamed of, retraining in two careers that bring me absolute joy - 1. as a kindergarten educator in a a German-French kindergarten and 2. as a coach & hypnotherapist  - I am convinced that we can actually find ways to make those dreams come true.

But it wasn't always like that. The deepest truth is that I lived most of my life feeling unfulfilled and not enough. I appeared happy and fulfilled on the outside - and working hard to keep up appearances - whilst totally lacking all of that deep down. For 17 years, I struggled with lonliness, low self-worth, anxiety and depression.

It turns out that those overwhelming feelings and challenges turned out to be a gift, because how many people struggle with this and that I have found ways to love myself and my life that may serve others too.

By now I have become an expert at taking shifting mindset and language to get over any challenge and to a new level of fulfillment and success, with my own life as a playground and increasingly also proof - and no, I'm not (yet) exactly where I'd like to be mentally, but I have a rock solid confidence that I am learning and growing, and will get there with practise. I study, read, research and explore more than any one I've met. In the last year alone, I read - and applied - 36 books on the power of the mind and developlment.

What started out as a simple question to heal myself:

What can I do to feel fulfilled and happy?

has now become a mission to spread in the world, so that others are empowered to love themselves and feel empowered in their own capabilities, be it going from struggling to good or from good to great.

Privately, I aim living a life that is as sustainable as possible to create a positive impact for generations to come. I enjoy mindfulness & meditation, believe in kindness to all beings -hence switched to a plant-based diet in 2018 - and am an avid learner of languages. You can often find me outdoors, be it in the woods or in a park.